The company


For 30 years, AGMA has designed and created instruments for professionals from various sectors. The name AGMA Arredo Inox Professionale ® testifies to its reason for existing, mission and commitment.

With passion and tenacity, AGMA is still innovating to offer high-quality products that are adapted to evolving, long-lasting and practical needs at the right price. It is with pleasure that we listen to people who present us with challenges to create new products and solutions. Stainless steel is the material we know and transform. The design and manufacture are all carried out internally in Italy and with the latest technology.

AGMA has designed several modular systems based on an extensive set of standard elements that enable us to provide custom furnishings and specific solutions for all needs. On request, we also create custom and personalised furniture.

Our specialisations:
Food: furnishing and equipment for restaurants, commercial kitchens, bars, supermarkets, bakeries, butcher shops, pizzerias, food processing departments in general;
Healthcare: operating rooms, sterilisation, hygiene departments, dental sterilisation furniture and laboratories;
Industry: food processing units, clean rooms and preparation rooms

Domestic furniture: complete kitchens, furniture modules.

AGMA is a manufacturer that does not provide installation. We ask you to contact our network of professional partners for complex systems, design and consulting.